If you are seeking guidance in your life...

If you are craving a deeper connection with the natural world...

If you are dreaming of an energetic partnership that will deepen your intuition and guide your next steps... 

an Animal Totem Oracle card reading is exactly what you seek.


I vividly remember the first time I had an animal totem reading. I was familiar with the animals that had a special place in my heart, but learning which Animal Spirits were active guides in my life elevated my connection to my Guides to a whole new level. When I was able to place images of my totemic guardians around my space, and look up their specific natural medicine, my sense of connection to the natural world deepened and I learned to call upon my Animal Totem for strength, guidance, and assistance in creating the life of my dreams. 

I have been practicing the art of Divination for over fifteen years, and now I am so pleased to offer my skills and my intuition in service to you!

When you order an Animal Totem Oracle card reading, you receive more than a picture of a card and some information - you receive an in-depth unfolding of the Animal Spirit that is currently seeking to partner with you and your unique energy.

  • During your reading, I tune into your energy, and intuitively pull the Animal Totem Oracle card that wants to connect with you.
  • I record the session in real time, so you can watch and absorb your Animal Guide's messages as many times as you like!
  • I also send you a gorgeous illustrated PDF guide to your reading, including information on your Animal Guide's specific medicine, its energetic offerings, and when to call upon it for advice and support.
  • Finally, I include intuitive guidance and a customized ritual for optimal partnership and manifestation between you and your Animal Guide. 

Take your next steps in full confidence, knowing a special companion from the unseen world is traveling beside you, guiding you and supporting you with energetic wisdom and love. 

If you talk to the animals they will talk with you and you will know each other.
— Chief Dan George