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Thanksgiving has come and gone, and I had a fabulous long weekend. Good food, good wine, good downtime - restoratives for a weary soul.

That being said, I would not describe my personal soul as weary. I feel more energized and excited than I have in years, especially when I am in the middle of working. Moving into the creative flow, and remaining in the current for hours, reassures me that I am making the correct life decisions. All is well.

I have two new collections in the works; one involves lovely artwork from Italian tarot cards, and the other involves dogs. Inu & Neko is a project I have had in mind for years now - I am so excited to launch it in the next few weeks.

I am also working on the inaugural Studio Kittie newsletter, which I hope to send out before Christmas. 

Now I need to sit down with my calendar and plan for the end of the year festivities; if I do not plan for it, it will plan for me, as is its wont. I am not sure we can fit a tree in the house this year. But I remain hopeful.