Site Updates Are Live

by Kittie Bernott in

After lots of work and waiting, the site finally has major updates! 

Currently, the weakest link in my production chain is photography, mostly because (until today) I had a whole back catalogue of pieces waiting for their day underneath the lights.

I have a pretty good set up now, and I taught myself all sorts of essential functionality on my camera, so it's not as weak as it was before. I think the key will be setting aside time every week to shoot new pieces, edit the images and post them to the site.  

I also need to learn how to tweak background coloration in the digital images. The jewelry pieces themselves are turning out pretty great! But the curvature on the displays causes this unsightly grey shadow that must be eliminated. 

For now, though, it just feels super good getting the majority of the pieces up on the site. Updates should follow more quickly.

Best of all, my non-studio work week has rearranged itself in a most convenient manner, leaving me with longer blocks of uninterrupted studio time. This will allow for a more natural, productive workflow, and I'm very excited about it.