Alone Time.

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We are all somewhat introverted and somewhat extroverted; everyone has a different combination of social and solitary needs. I, personally, require a regular dose of alone time to be a functioning human (read: not a crankypants). 

Lately, I have been able to spend a great deal more time with my husband, and that is a gift to be treasured. Our work schedules have never allowed us regular days off together and we are taking full advantage. 

The only downside - which has nothing to do with him - is that between work, social outings and home life, I have had no actual alone time. It has definitely made me a bit of a crankypants. And that is fun for no one.

So tonight, I bowed out of dinner plans (he still went; hopefully I get the leftovers) to give myself a few hours in which to relax, rest and recharge back up to my best self. Within minutes of making the decision, I already felt lighter.

Today was a good reminder: Alone time is always valuable, no matter how much (or little) is required. 

Time Alone II by Christopher Clark

Time Alone II by Christopher Clark