Thoughts For My Younger Self #dearme

by Kittie Bernott in , , ,

Dear younger Kittie, 

I have often thought about what advice I would give you if I could circle back around in time and give you the opportunity to do some things differently. Ultimately, there is very little I would have you change, because so many of your life decisions have lead you to a wonderful place. 

Here is the one thing I will tell you - pursue art.  Pursue it to its depths and its limits and fully embrace the knowledge that you are on this planet to create beautiful things.

I know there is a voice in your head telling you that artists make no money, that it is competitive and stressful, and that so many other careers will provide a "better life."  I am very proud of you for being responsible and thinking about your future. However, that voice is wrong. Only you get to determine how much or little you succeed in this lifetime. (I know it feels like that voice is part of you, but it is not.)

I know you struggle every day with the divide between what feels right and what appears to be the best decision. I am here to tell you, confidently and with no reservations, that what feels right is right. Everything else is a smokescreen of obligation and training. 

Keep doing what you are doing. Make friends and learn things and try different jobs. You do not need to make a dramatic course correction; if you embrace who you really are, a creator, then every decision - big or small - will be joyfully guided from here on out. 

Your purpose on this planet is not to seek stability, acceptance, or the approval of others. Stability comes from within. The only acceptance that matters is yours. And as for the approval of others, you do not need it to create the amazing things you see in your mind's eye. 

Your purpose on this planet is to fully embrace who you really are. 


Yourself (aka future Kittie)