Thoughts On The Path Of Least Resistance

by Kittie Bernott

I currently commute three days a week. Most commute days see me taking the same route, but if traffic bottlenecks in certain predictable places, I take alternate routes. 

I took one such route yesterday morning. The street features two lanes - the left is fairly smooth, the right is fairly rough (guess which the trucks prefer).

As I turned onto this street, I prepared to move into the right lane, because it is the lane I need to be in. Eventually. Like, a mile away. It is not a pleasant lane to drive in, yet I do it anyway - even though the left lane is smoother and the traffic flow is faster. Yesterday morning, I asked myself, "Why?"

And answered myself with, "Sheer stubbornness."

I turned into the left lane.

How many times have I suffered the uncomfortable length of the entire right lane simply because I needed to be in it much further down the road?

How many times in my life have I taken the path of greater resistance because of perceived security at the outcome?

The path of least resistance is natural; the path of greater resistance is stubbornness masquerading as logical preparation. I am eager to explore the sensation of choosing least resistance whenever possible.