Thoughts On Being So Very Grateful (Happy 4th!)

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I woke up this morning filled with a profound sense of gratitude. Today is a big day here in the States - Independence Day! - a perfect day for taking stock and not taking things for granted. 

I kicked off the day with some studio work. It was two years ago this month that the idea for Studio Kittie first blossomed and creating my art for a living is one of the greatest freedoms I could ever imagine! Not to mention fun. Super duper fun.

Then, in the spirit of the holiday, I am taking the rest of the day off! Nothing but fun activities. Post-blog, I'll be playing some video games while watching the Cornetto Trilogy, then getting in some quality reading time on the patio. Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell is a fantastic read, highly recommend. 

Later tonight I'll be in the kitchen, sorting out the food for our little family BBQ this evening. Chef Kittie kitchen time on holidays is one of my most favorite things. Here's tonight's spread:

For drinks I'm making a big pitcher of strawberry sangria (white zinfandel or rosé works beautifully) and we have a case of Angry Orchard cider. The summer seasonal flavor is Honey. Nom.

We're not big on fireworks, and Aiden haaaaates them, so we'll wrap up the evening playing some cards and helping him bed down in the closet. It's tradition!