There are so many talented creators in the world — and there’s room for all of us.

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The most true thing you can do as a creator is show up as yourself, 100% not apologizing, but instead celebrating. 

When you do, you’re speaking the language of truth. 

When you knock things up a notch and choose to put your work and your true self out there in the world, in a truly visible way, the people who get your truth and live in it will come join you. 

It doesn’t matter if they flock to you, or trickle in one by one. Because they will be ready for the medicine that only you can give.

When you show up and share your work and your truth all in one package, that is creating Art That Serves. 

This is the most powerful art there is. 

And then the pleasure — the art that also pleases — is icing on the already delicious layer cake of creation.

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