Amplified Energy | Crystal Quartz Infusion Band


Amplified Energy | Crystal Quartz Infusion Band


Infuse your water with the vibration of Amplified Energy.

Enhanced by a band of Crystal Quartz chips, Crystal Quartz is a precisely structured crystal that naturally Amplifies the benefits of other crystals. It also Stores positive energy for future release while simultaneously Neutralizing negative energies.  

Water infused with Crystal Quartz energy naturally:

  • Enhances and amplifies all energetic endeavors
  • Dispels negative thoughts and feelings while promoting positivity
  • Strengthens personal will and resolve
  • Unites the mind and body for greater ease and peace
  • Filters out distractions, particularly those of a technical nature
  • Aligns energetic flow for maximum efficiency in all functions
  • Amplifies the positive effects of other Crystal Elixirs and Infusions

Corresponding chakra: Crown, and all chakras

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Your Crystal Water Infusion Bands arrive in a Studio Kittie gift box, complete with a hand-written Intention & Care card for partnering with your crystals for optimal results.

If this is a gift for a loved one, feel free to include a personalized message in the Comments section at checkout!

  • Crystal Water Infusion Bands are designed for external use only, and are not designed for submersion in fluids, or to provide medical treatment of any kind.
  • Crystal Water Infusion Bands are designed to fit around standard 16 oz. water bottles with a circumference of 7” to 9”. Please do not stretch bands beyond a 10” circumference, or the woven band could break.