Natural Beauty | Tree Agate Infusion Band


Natural Beauty | Tree Agate Infusion Band


Infuse your water with the vibration of Natural Beauty.

Amplified by a band of Crystal Quartz chips, Tree Agate (or Moss Agate) is a stabilizing crystal that reconnects the soul to all things natural, helping to Refresh and Revitalize the heart. 

Water infused with Tree Agate energy naturally:

  • Reveals the beauty in all situations and surroundings
  • Promotes the growth of new feelings and relationships, especially friendships
  • Helps the seed of an idea grow to abundant fruition
  • Encourages the release of stress from the physical body
  • Supports all living, growing things, and is especially helpful when watering plants
  • Revitalizes old ideas or plans, relationships, and the desire to try again
  • Washes away cloudy thoughts and reveals clear insights

Corresponding chakras: Solar Plexus, Heart

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Your Crystal Water Infusion Bands arrive in a Studio Kittie gift box, complete with a hand-written Intention & Care card for partnering with your crystals for optimal results.

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  • Crystal Water Infusion Bands are designed for external use only, and are not designed for submersion in fluids, or to provide medical treatment of any kind.
  • Crystal Water Infusion Bands are designed to fit around standard 16 oz. water bottles with a circumference of 7” to 9”. Please do not stretch bands beyond a 10” circumference, or the woven band could break.