Red Lava Diffuser Necklace + Custom Essential Oil Blend


Red Lava Diffuser Necklace + Custom Essential Oil Blend


You have within you the power to co-create the reality you desire. 

As the veil between the worlds thins, your natural ability for manifestation is amplified. 

Imagine your heart's desires and intentions for the future encapsulated in one of three luscious essential oil blends - Abundance, Health, or Love - its aroma empowering your creation all day long...

This potent oil blend, custom created for you and you alone, is diffused through application to a Red Lava bead, suspended from a delicate silver chain with a silver Double Spiral talisman that rests at the base of your neck. Simply add one drop of your essential oil blend directly to the stone for hours of aromatherapy empowerment.

Red Lava is a natural rock created when molten lava rises from beneath the earth’s crust and cools into hardness by air and water. Made possible only through a combination of the four cardinal elements, Red Lava merges Passion with Personal Control, making its vibration a gorgeous partner for manifestation and its porous, lightweight structure ideal for the application and steady diffusion of essential oils.

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Crystal Information

Red Lava naturally:

  • Brings the energy of all four elements Earth, Water, Air, Fire into harmonious balance 
  • Tempers the fiery spirit of pure creation with a practical, down-to-earth approach
  • Encourages lightness and the ability to float above difficulty
  • Helps buried desires rise to the surface so they can be acknowledged
  • Blends the Feminine and Masculine energies
  • Enhances personal charisma for increased recognition
  • Promotes the creation of something from nothing
  • Corresponding chakra: Root, Sacral

Additional Details:

  • The essential oil blend included features undiluted, 100% natural essential oil.
    • The blend is designed to be applied directly to the red lava stone.
    • If you wish to apply the oil directly to skin, please mix 1-3 drops of the oil blend with a neutral carrier oil (such as Coconut or Jojoba) to avoid skin irritation.
  • Your Custom Essential Oil Blend will last for 30+ one-drop applications.
    • Aroma will diffuse for 2-6 hours depending on temperature, humidity, etc.
    • Re-apply as needed. 
  • Necklace measures 18" long from end to end. Additional length options of 16" and 20" are available at checkout.
  • This necklace arrives nestled in a Studio Kittie gift box, complete with a hand-written Infusion & Care card for partnering with your jewelry and oil blend for optimal results.
  • If this is a gift for a loved one, feel free to include a personalized message in the Comments section at checkout!