One Spread Reading + Talismana Bracelet Intuitive Creation

one spread bracelet.jpeg
one spread bracelet.jpeg

One Spread Reading + Talismana Bracelet Intuitive Creation


This in-depth Tarot reading for one question or issue includes:

  • Your choice of card spread: Celtic Cross, Wheel of Fortune, or Intuition Invocation
  • Your choice of Tarot deck: Rider-Waite, Golden, or Paulina Cassidy
  • Audio recording of my real-time reading and interpretation of the cards (.MP3)
  • Customized document guide to the reading featuring photos of the cards and text of my interpretations (.PDF)
  • A special session with me to divine the creation of your Talismana Bracelet, a completely unique piece of jewelry hand-woven to encapsulate your reading’s intuitive guidance and energetically support you. Together we will choose the design, the materials, the energies you wish it to hold, and the specific assistance it will encapsulate each and every time you wear it.
  • Your bracelet arrives in a Studio Kittie gift box with a personalized guide to energetic partnership with your Talismana

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