Skål! I’m Kittie, owner + artist at Shieldmaiden’s Sanctum. I tend the sacred forge of creative fire and embody Old Ways in this New World.

From aromatherapy blends to crystal candles, Elder Futhark rune sets to wood-burned spell staves, I channel the ancient energy of my Viking ancestry through every handcrafted offering.

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From special collections to custom orders, I create items designed to awaken your senses and ground your energy in natural wisdom — the Shieldmaiden way.

My offerings expand beyond jewelry to objects of beauty and ritual power. Offering bowls, roll-on essential oils, ritual bundles, and natural soaps are but some of the choices.

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I currently offer Runic Divination readings using Elder Futhark runes. Rune stones are ancient, and blend symbolic meaning, communal history and personal empowerment.

Whether you are seeking clarity on your life path, or insight into a specific question, I offer you my talent as a Völva in unveiling the next steps on your personal journey.

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