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Every month I cast the runes, intuitively divine their meaning, and then write down their messages.

When you sign up, you will receive a new Elder Futhark rune reading in your email inbox every month, just before the New Moon.

I joyfully share this ritual process as my gift to anyone craving a deeper connection to ancestral wisdom and the Old Ways in this New World.

A few commonly asked questions and answers…


What are Runes?

The “Elder Futhark” is the oldest-known existing runic alphabet. There are 24 phonetic symbols in the Elder Futhark, which is Germanic in origin; these are called “Runes.” Each rune represents a phonetic sound, as well as a symbolic meaning. This means the Elder Futhark can be used to spell words, pronounce words, and symbolize both words and natural elements. This creates a nuanced and multi-layered opportunity for interpretation. You can read more about them by clicking here.

How do you read the runes?

I sit in a quiet space and hold the runes while focusing my intention for the reading. My intuition tells me when the time is to throw the runes down so they fall in the pattern that will be interpreted. Once the runes have landed in their spread, I review their meanings, and then interpret the overall message they are conveying. You can read more about my runic divination process and packages by clicking here.

Why do you send the reading before the New Moon?

The New Moon is traditionally a time of the month that is primed for inward-facing energy work. Setting intentions, creating goals, manifesting new desires, and holding space for the unfolding of the life path — all these endeavors are most potent when the moon is new, or dark, in the sky. My Lunar Rune Readings are designed to deliver intuitive wisdom to help guide you in the coming days, until the next New Moon, which is about a month in time (even if it doesn't line up perfectly with a calendar month). You can read more about New Moon focus and intention setting by clicking here.

What does it cost to join the Lunar Rune Readings list?

Nothing at all. It is free, and my gift to you. It is one of the ways I take joy in being of service to the world. xoxo