Hello & Welcome! I am Kittie Bernott, owner + artist of Shieldmaiden’s Sanctum. 

I channel the ancient power of my Norse ancestry through every offering I create by tending the sacred forge of creative fire and embodying the Old Ways in this New World.

My offerings are handcrafted, naturally beautiful products for people who crave a deeper connection with intuition, ritual, and magic in their everyday lives. 

My logo above reflects the three aspects of my person that are present in everything I create:

  • An axe for my Viking self, who seeks victory and brave new horizons

  • A staff for my Völva self, who weaves the ancient rhythms of nature throughout her work

  • A shield for my Shieldmaiden self, who stands in loving defense of all she holds dear

I launched my first artistic business, Studio Kittie, in 2013. Expanding my own creative horizons and serving hundreds of beautiful customers helped me prepare for the next evolution of my work in the world; this year, in 2018, I was inspired to rebrand my business to Shieldmaiden’s Sanctum so every facet of my personality could be fully involved in my creation process.

The rebranding process is a journey, and one I’m still undertaking — but I expect it to be realized in the next few months! Until then, please check back regularly for updates and new offerings in the Shieldmaiden’s Sanctum experience. 

For now, here are some fun facts about myself and my family:

  • I was born an artist with a deep connection to the natural world (I spent most of my childhood crafting things and imagining I was a deer)

  • I’m a classically trained singer (mezzo soprano) and I’m currently learning to play the harp

  • I earned my B.A. in Literature & Film Studies while working as a fused glass artist and jewelry designer

  • After graduation, I ended up working for seven years in tech as a Web and SysAdmin in the San Francisco Bay Area

  • I currently live in the redwoods of Northern California, just five minutes north of the Russian River

  • My favorite hobbies are reading SF/F, playing games both board and video, baking bread, brewing mead, and spending time with Danny, aka my Metal Husband

  • We share our home with five animals! The cats Miles and Ivan, the dogs Aiden and Leia, and the snake Norbert

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 3.23.24 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 3.22.50 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 3.24.20 PM.png

I believe with all my heart that there is a deep magic which dwells in each of us. When we tap into it, we are able to shape the life of our dreams. But because we are individually powerful creators, we must discover for ourselves the unique balance that exists between the Old Ways and this New World. 

My purpose is to tend the forge of divine creation and help you discover this balance through Norse-inspired beauty, ritual, and divination. From aromatherapy oil blends to crystal candles, runic divination sets to wood-burned spell staves, beautifully scented soaps to essential oil jewelry, I have something to offer you that will bring you closer to what you seek. 

I am here for you. 


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