Congratulations on receiving a Studio Kittie Gift Certificate! I am excited to hand-weave and energetically infuse your unique Talismana jewelry!

To get started, take a look at the descriptive photos in the gallery below. They will show you all your options for your Talismana Bracelet or Necklace color, centerpiece charm, semiprecious stones, and semiprecious beads. Each individual charm and stone has a different energetic medicine that will be woven into your jewelry, so choose the ones that resonate with your heart's hopes and desires! (Photos will enlarge when clicked.)

Your gift certificate should also note if your jewelry includes Cord or Leather as the weaving material. Locate the appropriate drop down menu, and then choose your color. If you're unsure which to choose, just email me at or leave a note at the end of the form and I will check your order for you. You can still complete the rest of the form even if I'm checking it for you!

Once you've reviewed the photos, fill out the form below and note your choices for your color, charm, centerpiece stones, and semiprecious beads. There is a space for you to leave a note, and if there is a particular intention or energy you would like woven into your jewelry, this is the place to write it down. I hand-weave every knot of your Talismana with the highest energetic vibration for your intentions to manifest in the world with ease and grace.

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