Runic Whispers Earrings with Rose Quartz

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Runic Whispers Earrings with Rose Quartz


These delicate and lightweight earrings feature a pair of hand-stamped rune charms with Rose Quartz crystals, suspended from silver-plated earring wires.

The rune charms feature Mannaz (left) and Tiwaz (right). These runes symbolize Humanity and the god Tyr. When these society-based runes are paired with loving Rose Quartz, they evoke the energy of Cooperative Leadership.

Rose Quartz is a perfect talismanic stone in any situation that calls for empathy and emotional healing or recovery.

Earring Dimensions: 35mm long and 10mm wide (1.38" x 0.39")

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  • Rose Quartz is a stone of Feeling. It is known to amplify positive emotion and increase feelings of love for both the self and for others. Directly tied to the Divine Feminine, this crystal swings open to doors to the heart, simultaneously calming the nerves and strengthening empathy.
  • The rune Mannaz represents Humanity. It symbolizes Individuality, Friendship, Society, Cooperation, Help.
  • The rune Tiwaz represents the god Tyr. It symbolizes Justice, Leadership, Logic, Masculinity, Battle.
  • Corresponding Chakra: Heart (Fourth)
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