This jewelry collection is an homage to my favorite podcast - The Adventure Zone. The three brothers McElroy play Dungeons & Dragons with their father, and much hilarity ensures! But also amazing storytelling and game mechanics. It's so, so good.

Think of these jewelry designs as fan art! ^_^

These designs are a work in progress; my goal is to weave each character's unique combination of color, charms, and matching supportive stones into handwoven bracelets and necklaces, with matching earrings!

With the McElroy family's blessing, I do hope to sell the final designs and donate 50% of all proceeds directly towards future development of the podcast. This will allow me to cover the cost of materials, have a lot of fun, and give back to a show that I love so much and has given so many people hours and hours of free entertainment.

As Magnus says, "I do that!"

P.S. These design elements are inspired by the podcast, and are my own creative opinion.