Talismana Tarot Divination Packages

Do you wish you had more control over your day-to-day life? Have you ever felt paralyzed when it was time to make a big decision? Would you love to experience more clarity about Life, the Universe, and Everything… and your role in it? 

Tarot is an engaging and practical method of interpreting the wisdom and guidance blooming from that which is best in all of us. We call it by many different names - God, The Force, The Divine, Quantum Energy, The Soul - it is a presence, ready and waiting to assist us. But you don't have to name it, understand it or even believe in it to experience its life-changing benefits -- because I do that part for you during your Talismana Tarot reading. Click here to visit the Talismana Tarot divination page >>

Animal totem oracle DIVINATION PACKAGES

If you are seeking guidance in your life... If you are craving a deeper connection with the natural world... If you are dreaming of an energetic partnership that will deepen your intuition and guide your next steps...

When you order an Animal Totem Oracle card reading, you receive more than a picture of a card and some information - you receive an in-depth unfolding of the Animal Spirit that is currently seeking to partner with you and your unique energy. As its presence becomes known, a partnership forms. When you place images of your totemic guardians around your personal space, and look up their specific natural medicine, your sense of connection to the natural world will deepen and your Animal Totem energies become available for strength, guidance, and assistance in creating the life of your dreams. Click here to visit the Animal Totem Oracle divination page >>


One question. One Card. Endless Insights.

The I Ching, also known as the Book of Changes, is an ancient method of divination believed to be the oldest intact method in the world. To create the I Ching, scholars studied the natural world, and from these studies emerged one universal truth: everything must change, and when we accept and partner with change, we can harness it for optimal life results.

If you have questions and desire answers, I know I can help you find greater clarity and deeper energetic integration in your life! Together we will explore the most ancient art of divination in the world, and how you can use the wisdom uncovered to get unstuck and move forward on your path. Click here to visit the I Ching Oracle divination page >>