From special collections to custom orders, I consciously create each piece of Studio Kittie jewelry with love and an energetic infusion of positive intention.

Studio Kittie earrings, bracelets, and necklaces are multi-faceted talismans of empowerment, handwoven with natural elements like sterling silver charms, semiprecious stones, crystals, leather, wood, feathers, antler, and more. See all Jewelry >>


My intuitive services are available through an exciting collection of divination packages! I offer divination readings featuring Tarot cards, Elder Futhark Rune stones, and Oracle cards.

Whether you are seeking clarity on your life path, your animal totem guide, or answers to a specific question, I can channel for you the ancient wisdom of the natural world. See all Divination >>


Hi! I'm Kittie, and when I embarked on my own epic journey of self-discovery, I discovered that wearing energetic jewelry and listening to intuitive messages empowered me to become a co-creator of the life I truly desired to live.

Now, my purpose is helping you tap into your own perfect, wise, and beautiful inner nature through energetic jewelry and intuitive divination. Get to know me here! >>

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